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So, here are some things: roberts radio cmos battery hyundai headlamp fridge door 22 december 2015 headphone

Refurbish Mazda Bongo spare wheel


From time to time I try doing odd things, having first decided that

I add the information here

steering wheel

Cure rubber of steering wheel separating/unbonding from steel core

oven element

Replace Neff U1721 fan oven heating element

Repair faulty channel selection button, Roberts DAB Radio RD8

Replace CMOS (BIOS) battery in Asus Laptop X52F - the quick and dirty way

Access headlamp bulb socket wiring (for DRL mod) in Hyundai i10 (2008-13 model range)

Modify fridge door shelf to fit tall bottles of wine - one of my more important projects

Repair broken wireless headphone headset


Satellite dish installation and alignment - UK Freesat or Sky  

Replace Fuel filter, Mazda Bongo 2.5 Diesel

Change the Auto Gearbox fluid (ATF), Mazda Bongo 2.5 Diesel

fuel filter atf

Refurbish remote control

remote control

23 sep 2019

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install windows 10

Install Windows 10 on an old computer after many failed installations

Create a pseudo-static IP address for viewing webcam video in a web page

staticIPaddress macerator

Replace a kitchen sink macerator